Haunted London Ghost Stories – The Phantom Bus

There are few haunted London ghost stories that are as bizarre and dramatic as this one. Be careful if you are heading home in the early hours of the morning around Cambridge Gardens, W11.

In this case the phantom in question is that of a double decker London bus, last seen in May 1990.


The Phantom Bus first came to public attention in 1934. Early one morning, a motorist driving along Cambridge Gardens for no apparent reason suddenly swerved his car, hit a wall and burst into flames. The man died from his horrific injuries.

At the subsequent inquest into his death, witnesses came forward to testify to the existence of a phantom bus that many of them had seen, more or less at the exact spot where the fatal crash had happened. They told how a bus would be sighted in the early hours of the morning, the time that the crash had occurred, and spoke of their terror as it came racing along the centre of the road towards them. No driver was ever visible, and no lights were ever seen.

Convinced that they were about to be in a head on collision with the vehicle, motorists would swerve out of its path, and as they did so the bus would thunder past them. Yet whenever they turned round to look at the bus, they always found that it had vanished without trace.

Is this a true ghost story? Are people just seeing things while driving home, possible tired from a hard day at work? Who knows? I am sure that it has absolutely nothing to do with our conductor, Sid, who has been known to borrow the bus to get home after a late night session in the pub. www.theghostbustours.com 

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