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The Ghost Bus Tours is a theatrical sightseeing tour on a classic 1960s Routemaster bus, taking you around the darker side of Britain. On-board actors and technical trickery combine to create a Frightseeing tour like no other - a comedy horror show while you see the sights. The Ghost Bus is the perfect way to experience the UK's most haunted cities, and our ghostly tours are designed to entertain and educate while providing a spooky theatrical experience you'll never forget! Sites of murder, torture, execution and supernatural activity are your destinations while a creepy conductor provides the commentary for this ghostly attraction.


Greetings! Welcome to the Necrobus, home to London’s spookiest, funniest and most morbidly intriguing journey – The Ghost Bus Tours.
Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon us by error. Perhaps you were looking for one of those quaint walking tours around the city’s botanical gardens, where you all wear pretty hats ...
If that is the case, this place is not for you. The Necrobus is not the vessel for those of pure heart and unblemished soul. Darkness dwells here, and our business is the malevolent and macabre.
Oh, you’re still with us? Very well. It seems you have a taste for the dark and the twisted.
Perhaps you would be able to survive one of our Frightseeing tours. We make no promises of course, but if you truly have an appetite for the abhorrent, perhaps there is a place for you on our carcass coach.
Featuring on-board actors, a creepy conductor, technical trickery and a host of haunted sites, The Ghost Bus Tours transmogrifies the traditional London bus tour into an unholy union of comedy and terror.
We take you to a variety of spooky locations; sites of murder, torture, execution and supernatural phenomena are all wrapped up into one of the funniest and creepiest bus tours London has to offer.
And did we mention? This is no ordinary London bus. View our history now!
So step on board this rolling theatre of the occult, this cadaverous carriage of nightmare, this deathly chariot of terror, and allow us to take you on a guided terror-tour of the darkest parts of man.

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