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4 Haunted London Locations
Posted by: 08/02/2018

Haunted London 

Here is our latest list of four haunted London locations where ghosts are reported to roam. With spooky tales attached to each venue it is a wonder why people still visit each place

50.Berkeley Square

At the top of our list is the infamous haunting of 50. Berkeley Square in Mayfair. The attic of this house is noted for being haunted by the spirit of a woman, who killed herself after suffering abuse at the hands of her Uncle. Her spirit is said to take the form of a brown mist, two people have died while staying in the room overnight where the young woman killed herself! What a way to kick of the haunted London list

Sutton House


Next on our list is that of Sutton House in Hackney. Sutton House is home to various spiritual presences, people have reported hearing dogs howling at night. When dogs are taken to the house they freeze and stare at the stairs refusing to move . There is also the spirit of the “White Lady”, who was found floating over a student staying the night at the house.

The Langham Hotel

The Langham Hotel is noted for having the most haunted hotel room in London. This room has a fascinating story behind it. In 1973 a BBC radio announcer was awoken by a fluorescent ball, which took shape into a man! The ghost floated towards the radio announcer with no legs and arms!

The Viaduct Tavern

Based in Holburn The Viaduct is a pub offering more than just a pint after a long day! The staff at the pub are reluctant to go down into the cellar at night, as there have been stories of lights turning off and freakish noises. In 1996 a manager was trapped down in the cellar after the lights turned off, his wife heard his screams to find the door was easily opened from the outside!


Would you be brave enough to visit these places?


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