Welcome to the UK’s most exciting Ghost Bus Tour company! The ONLY comedy-horror theatre experience on wheels.  A fiendish surprise awaits in London, Edinburgh or York so prepare yourself for an experience like never before. From the Body Snatching’s of Burke and Hare, to the Tombs of Westminster Abbey, to the Ghouls of York Minster… Edinburgh, London and York, beware, for the Necrobus approaches, unearthing terrible truths as it makes it’s wicked way across the United Kingdom’s best loved cities. Indeed, this vintage 1960’s Routemaster double-decker was itself once a funeral bus, and has an eerie history entirely of its own to confront and exorcise. With fa-BOO-lously trained on-board actors and terrifying technical trickery, there cannot be any doubt that our bus is THE tour bus for your spook-tacular sightseeing night out. Sites of phantom possession are truly marked on the map by a creepy, comedian conductor who craves your cries. Come, traveller, open your eyes to the horror of days gone by. Select your city and punch your ticket! Your journey awaits…

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I would definitely recommend without hesitation as it is a wonderful trip to go on if you want to tour historic London landmarks with intellectual facts merged with an abundance of high spirits…(Pun intended) Best for families and friends with …. ““Terrifyingly lively experience!””

Trip Advisor

You step aboard a vintage funeral bus, before setting off towards Whitehall. A conductor tells you stories of Londons gruesome past as you pass these sights, before being joined by another passenger, no spoilers. The tour lasts an hour and …. ““Hilarious, scary and a great night out!””

Trip Advisor

 Instead of boring its passengers to death with a ton of ‘serious facts’ and ‘important dates’, the GBT incorporate the death as a part of the sightseeing spectacle. Mass murders, grotesque executions, and unexplained demises provide an unique background for …. ““You will die from laughing””

Trip Advisor
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Between 1957 and 1967, ‘The London Necrobus Company’ ran funeral services with midnight-black Routemaster buses, carrying the dead to their final place of rest. When the notorious Fire of South Dulstead Depot erupted, wiping out hundreds of vehicles, the original Necrobus was the only vehicle to emerge from the devastated wreckage unscathed. Eerily immaculate. But what seemed at first a miracle was quickly realised to be a curse. The Necrobus had acquired otherworldly properties, and was seen to manifest itself across the country, materialising in Edinburgh, London and York sporadically, sighted countless times by locals across the decades. Various reports have also cited on a number of occasions the appearance of ’translucent spectres’, ‘vague apparitions’ and ‘poltergeist passengers’, populating the bus on it’s grim parades.

Through careful collaborative study of these paranormal events over the years, the route of the Necrobus was able to be pinpointed and recorded, revealing a consistently disturbing pattern in each city. That the Necrobus is drawn to sights of unspeakable horror. The very landmarks that are, on the surface, held to be the greatest of British heritage, culture and creativity, upon closer inspection reveal a dark underbelly of ancient malevolence and violent possession. From Edinburgh Castle to Hollyrood Palace. From The Houses of Parliament to The Tower of London. From Treasurer’s House to Knavesmire. Do you dare shatter reality’s illusion? The past isn’t done with us yet. Board the Necrobus at your peril today!

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