Christmas Ghost Tour in London

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A ghost tour might not sound like the most festive experience out there, but here at The Ghost Bus Tours we think that there are a variety of reasons why it might be something that you consider doing. 

To help inspire you to try something different this festive season, here are our top reasons why a Christmas ghost tour in London might be something that you try out! 

It is a fun way to spend some time together

If there is one thing that Christmas is all about, it is spending time together with those people that mean the most to you. If you can find something that means that you can spend some quality time with your family and friends, as well as have a laugh whilst you do it, then this is best idea ever! 

It is something different to do

Whilst hitting a bar or maybe meeting up for dinner is always great to do, if you really thought about it, then chances are that you would love to try something different and new. A Christmas ghost tour is not something that is going to scream out festive, but it is still an amazing way to celebrate and have some fun with those who you want to spend time with. 

You can see London from an entirely new perspective 

London is a city that you can never get tired of exploring, especially if you get the opportunity to see it from an entirely new perspective. One of the best things about booking in for a Christmas ghost tour is that it gives you the chance to see London from a view point that you may never have seen before. You will learn more about the history behind some of the darker times in the city, as well as get a chance to see the famous landmarks too. 

It is ideal for small and large groups

One of the best things about heading on a London ghost tour is that it is great no matter what the size of your group is. Smaller groups can head on the tour together and catch up with one another, however, larger groups can also book in on the tour and still have a great time. 

It is more than just a tour

A final thing to know about these ghost tours is that they offer something different. Sure you are going to get the chance to see plenty of London, but, the great thing is that you will also be treated to a theatre show too. It really is the best of both worlds. 

A ghost tour isn’t always the first thing you think of for Christmas, but we can promise you that if you do book in on one of our ghost bus tours, then you will have a spooky yet amazing start to your festive celebrations. 

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