Christmas Ghost Tour in York

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When it comes to festive themed celebrations, one that might not instantly jump to mind to organising is a Ghost Bus Tour. However, just because it might not sound like the obvious choice, there are so many reasons why we think that a Christmas ghost bus tour in York might be the best idea ever!

It is definitely different

Of course it is great to attend all those amazing festive events and celebrations and let our hair down. But, it is also true that sometimes we are going to want to try out something that is a little different. Well, what could be more different than heading out on a ghostly bus tour of York? Sure, it might not have crackers, but it will have plenty of cracking jokes to enjoy!

It is a great way to spend some time with friends and family

Christmas is the time of year when you really should be making an effort to spend time with all those really important people to you. So, any way that you can come together and enjoy one another’s company, well, that sounds good to us. Organising to all head on a Christmas Ghost Bus Tour is a great way to ensure that you all spend some quality time together. You could even team it with a more conventional meal or head to one of the many bars in York, ready to have a catch up and really celebrate the joy of Christmas.

It is more than just a simple tour

Heading on a tour of York is fantastic of course, but have you ever looked out of the window and wondered if there was a way to make a standard tour even better? The idea of our Ghost Bus Tours of York is that as much as they are a chance to see and learn about the city, they are also a chance to enjoy a great theatre show and have a few laughs along the way too. This is because our tours are also a laugh out loud theatre show; with plenty of spooky moments along the way too.

It is great way to see York!

York really is a stunning city with plenty to offer visitors. You can of course see the city from a classic bus tour, or perhaps by getting under your own power and walking the streets yourself. However, for a really great way to see York and everything that it has to offer, there is no better option than booking in with one of our Ghost Bus Tours.

Whether you organise a ghost bus tour for Christmas, or perhaps any other time of year, York is best seen under cover of darkness with plenty of ghosts and ghouls along the way. So, why not book in one of our amazing tours and see a brand new side of York that you may never have seen before?


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