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Cold Christmas Church
Posted by: 22/12/2017


Nearly departed, today I will be talking about the Cold Christmas Church giving insight into the building’s history and the paranormal activity that surrounds the building. The building itself is no longer fully intact, with the Church tower being the only remaining part of the building.

The church is actually called St Marys located in Thundridge, however, the locals refer to the church as “Cold Christmas Church”. Got to love the locals they have to make things more difficult! For those of you who don’t know a great deal about this church, please allow me to enlighten you! The Church itself was built in 1086, and the building itself was built on the grounds of an estate.

The Church was built for Hugh De Desmaisnil for private use only for his family (the locals were not popping in to have a look!). The church, however, was destroyed in 1853, with only the 15th– century tower remaining which stands strong still today. Churches are traditionally built from East to West, however, Cold Christmas Church was built North to South.

Many people believed that if churches were built this way it was a sign of the devil. This was one of the factors as to why the church was demolished in 1853.  The church itself has been well known to be used by witches to perform rituals, devil worshipers and the occult have also been reported using the church. The tower is not the only thing that is still standing, the graveyard around the Church still remains albeit, not in very good condition. The years have not been kind to the gravestones which are beginning to show their years of neglect.

A large amount of the headstones have fallen down and are broken, showing the lack of care given to the gravestones. It has also been rumored that there is a mass grave underneath the church itself. The origins of the name “Cold Christmas” stem from an awful travesty that took place during an extremely cold winter. Sadly, many children perished during the freezing conditions and many are buried in the graveyard.

Spiritual Presence

Now I hope I still have your attention as I am about to inform you all about the spiritual entities that roam the grounds.Many people have reported seeing a dark figure roaming the gravestones of Cold Christmas church, not something you want to see at a graveyard! But that is not the only spiritual presence that has been documented in and near the tower. There have been reports of a growling sound like that of an animal coming from the tower, that is something that would definitely freak me out! But by far the most terrifying story is that of a woman who reported seeing an army. In 1978 a woman was walking around the church when she was met by a marching army, which reportedly marched up to her and then suddenly disappeared.

The Cold Christmas church is a place with a tragic and fascinating history, alongside a spiritual and mysterious past. If you’re interested in creeping yourself out then this is the place for you! A very chilling… I mean warm and festive greetings to one and all.

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