Diversity Report

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Here at Ghost Bus Tours we are focused on building a workforce that better represents our customers and our country, while ensuring that every employee feels like they truly belong. We consider ourselves a small to medium size business meaning that our impact when it comes to diversity is limited however, over the last year we’ve seen progress in a number of areas.

When considering hiring, have shifted our focus from “culture fit” to “culture add” when evaluating candidates. We look to hire people with different backgrounds and a wide range of experiences. We focus on how a candidate would add to our culture, not simply how they might fit. We work hard to attract the best talent, and we work hard to retain talent. We hire people who are passionate about making a difference and once they are here, we want them to stay.

Ghost bus has also invested additional resources to increase representation of people with disabilities in our workforce. We’ve added resources in our staffing organisation, begun working with new community partners, and increased our presence at conferences and online career fairs designed specifically for job seekers with disabilities.

Representation and expression has always been a key factor of diversity for us. Allowing our staff to feel as open as they wish to when it comes to their ethnic background, sexual orientation, gender or disability. To try and facilitate that the best we can, we have successfully approved 100% of staff requests for lieu / holiday days to attend days of celebration, discussion and expression. Last year we also had to honour of being involved in some celebrations, for example Pride Festival using our buses.

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