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Sightseeing tours may be interesting for some people who are fond of the history and cultures of the top monuments in the city. It is an affordable way to visit all the major places of the city in a few hours and get to know the information about it. 

However, some people may think that sightseeing tours are old-fashioned and boring. You have to spend long hours in the bus with nothing to do and then listen to all those never ending details about when this heritage building was made or what is its significance. 

If you want to go on a different kind of sightseeing tour which gives a bit of a thrilling experience as well as tours to a good amount or places, you must check out the Edinburgh spooky tours website. This company is famous for arranging sightseeing tours for you but with a little twist. 

About Edinburgh Ghost Tours: 

Edinburgh Ghost Tours is a company that takes you around the city to all its famous and significant attractions, while you enjoy a horror comedy show and theme inside the bus. It is like watching theatre inside a bus, while the performers give a horror and gloomy touch about the past and history of the famous destinations around the city. 

Their aim is to entertain the customers as well as give them a brief overview of different locations of the city. This way, you can have a spectacular frightening and horror experience while touring the whole city. 

You do not have to worry about if the money spent on this will be worth it or not because this company has some seriously talented artists that have won multiple awards for their acting as well. Therefore, it is guaranteed that you are going to have a great experience. 

The route set by this company is also perfect in a way that you can see all the major sites of Edinburgh. The time span is just 1 hour and 15 minutes which is enough to see the whole city. Edinburgh Ghost Tours did not make the tour prolonged unnessecarily because the customers tend to lose interest or get bored when the tour is too long. 

The tour departs from the Edinburgh Lawnmarket. The sites which are included in the tour are the Edinburgh Castle, Parliament Building, Calton Hill, Scott Monument and Greyfriars Church and many more. 

A good thing about this tour is that the tickets are divided into different categories. There are different ticket prices for adults and children and if you want the whole family to go together, there is a collective package for that too. Students and senior citizens can consider themselves as lucky as they get a special discount. 

Bottom line: 

If you are interested these Edinburgh haunted tours, make sure to check out their website here so that you can get more information. It must be remembered that along with Edinburgh, the company has tours in London and York as well so you can check it out if you are in one of the cities. 

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