Frights and Giggles Aboard the NecroBus

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If you’re looking for unique, entertaining and fun activities to do over the Easter holidays you can’t go wrong with The Ghost Bus Tours.

The Easter holidays are just around the corner and kids are already excitedly hassling their parents about all the fun plans on the agenda. While you’ll be able to keep them entertained and sweet with cute colourful egg-laying bunnies and an abundance of chocolate for a day or two, it won’t take long for them to want to burn off their sugar rush with other activities.

If you want to surprise them with a family adventure that offers everything you could possibly need on a fabulous day out – snippets of curious history, a whole lot of laughs and an unforgettable show on wheels – book your tour across the UK’s spookiest sites aboard the Necrobus.

The Ghost Bus Tours through London, Edinburgh and York will bring your family closer together as you brave the cities’ eeriest sites for an hour of spooky history and ghostly experiences with the Necrobus’ poltergeist passengers.

Led by a group of classically-trained actors who have entertained the likes of Johnny Depp and Whoopi Goldberg, this comical theatre tour will guide you through creepy locations such as Dick Turpin’s Grave in York, the Edinburgh Castle and Westminster Abbey in London. This spectacular show on wheels will send chills down your spine while making your belly ache with laughter – the perfect combination for a thrilling afternoon or evening, and one of the coolest things to do with kids who are drawn to goosebumps provoking stories.

If you’re looking for activities to do over the Easter holidays you can’t go wrong with The Ghost Bus Tours. Not only are they fun, they’re also educative. While the focus is on the cities’ haunted history, you will learn about much more than just the weird and obscure. Plan an entire day around a tour with the Necrobus – a former funeral, double-decker bus said to share deep connections with the other-worldly – and use the opportunity to get to know a new city in a unique way.

No reservations are needed for a tour, you simply show up at your chosen city’s designated meeting point and wait for the bus to materialize with more than just fellow passengers on board – you’re bound to come face to face with a translucent spectre or two, as well.

Take your family aboard the Necrobus for some fright and giggles and you’ll see, out of all the things to do on Easter, this tour is guaranteed to be the most memorable one. Your time spent on the lovingly restored, 1960s Routemaster bus will consist of a ghoulishly comfortable ride lit by antique lamps, and an introduction to comical characters who will give you the rundown of the darkest stories of Britain’s past.

Give your children the greatest story to return with after the school holidays and watch their eyes light up every time they relive it. The best thing you can offer your children is your time and new experiences and this promises to be one they’ll never forget!

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