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All Hallow’s Eve, the night before we traditionally commiserate the dead, they will rise up and walk among us. If you are possessed by the holiday spirit and looking for a spook, rest in peace. Join The Ghost Bus Tours in London this Halloween season for a ride like no other. The pagan Celts once said that this time of year is when the threshold between our world and the ‘Otherworld’ is thinnest, and so the souls of the dead, as well as demon’s lurking in the void, can cross very easily into our realm. By our estimations, they were spot on, the spiritual atmosphere is already palpable and October has scarcely commenced…

Get to the heart of darkness with a tour on the Necrobus, a restored classic Routemaster that originally ran as a funeral bus. The bus is a hotbed of paranormal activity and has been thought to be haunted by a number of spectres ever since it survived the infamous South Dulstead Depot fire all of those years ago. If you are hunting for ghouls, there is no place you are more likely to encounter an entity than The Ghost Bus itself. But be warned, your tour guide cannot guarantee your protection, they will attempt to educate you about the shadows of history and invoke a series of rituals to keep you safe and sound, but they’re only human after all, and you may need more than knowledge and blind luck. It is said that impersonating a demon or wearing a disguise is the best course of action you can take to protect yourself from THEM.

To confront these menacing apparitions, as October progresses, we will be running many, many additional tours daily. In the final week of October, we will be running scores of tours from mid-afternoon right up until the witching hour. Please see HERE for daily tour times. Do you dare punch your ticket and take a ride on the dark side this Halloween? Let’s hope, for your sake, that it is more of a treat than it is a trick. Book now!

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