Haunted Places To Visit in London

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London is one of the oldest cities in the world. London is also home to a lot of ancient heritage buildings which were built hundreds of years ago. Therefore, it is common in such a city to have spooky places or circulating supernatural rumours. 

Following are the most haunted places to visit in London if you have the courage. 

  • The Ten Bells: 

The Spitalfields Pub is commonly very lively due to its commercial surroundings. You will always find it lively with good music and a decent amount of crowd. However, it has a horror backstory which has circulated all over London. It is reported that the pub was taken over by the ghost of Annie Chapman in 1996. Since then, quite a few incidents of unusual activity have taken place, which have been reported by the staff and customers. 

  • The Flask: 

Another pub makes the list of the most spooky places London is home of. There have been two hauntings which have been reported regarding the Flask. One is that a Spanish barmaid goes around the pub after she hanged herself to death after being heartbroken. Another haunting includes a man in a Cavalier’s uniform looms around the main bar. The place is also haunted because a legal autopsy on a stolen skeleton took place in the pub’s Committee Room. 

  • Paxton Tunnel: 

This is an ancient railway line that goes from Crystal Palace to Lordship Lane. It has been reported that the tunnel once brought a train carriage full of corpses. Till this day unusual  whisperings can be heard from this tunnel. 

  • The Tower of London: 

The reason why it is considered one of the most haunted places of London is because a lot of historical and significant personalities lost their lives here in the past. About ten ghosts have been found here as well which makes it all the more scarier. 

  • Theatre Royal: 

One of the most famous haunted stories and places not only in London but also in the world is Theatre Royal. A number of audience members and theatre artists have reported that they have seen ghosts of two clowns and a weird looking man. There is no proof or information about who they are or when they died but it is true that they are in existence there. 

  • Bruce Castle: 

Another historical story is related to the Bruce Castle. It is said that the wife of the castle’s owner grew insecure of her husband’s affair with another woman because of which, the husband locked her in the highest room of the castle. The wife took her life by jumping out of the window with her baby in her arms. It is said that every year on 3rd November, unusual things happen around the case which is the date of the wife’s death. 

Bottom line: 

These are just some of the haunted and most scary places in London. London is a city which looks all lively in the day but as soon as the sun sets, you will find countless mysteries and strange things happening in the dark. 

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