Haunted pubs in Edinburgh

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With the title of one of the most haunted cities in Europe, it comes as no surprise that Edinburgh isn’t short of haunted pubs. There are a wealth of places that you can go to and have a chat with friends, all with one ear and eye out for any ghostly going’s on.

Want to know where to start? Take a look at our list of some of the haunted pubs that call Edinburgh their home. 

The Toolbooth Tavern 

As the name suggests, this particular pub is part of the old toll collection point. The front section of the toolbooth was transformed into a pub during the 1820s, but, during its long life, the building has also been a prison and a police station. It is thought that an evil man was held within the prison, on suspicion of witchcraft, and it is his spirit that still roams the halls. 

The Banshee Labyrinth

Located in the Old Town of the city, The Banshee Labyrinth takes great pride in their claims to be the oldest pub in the whole of Scotland. Sure the fact that the lower levels are based in vaults that are housed under the city, which could be enough to earn that title alone.

 However, when you hear some of the stories that have come from the pub, and in particular whilst it was being renovated, then you can understand why. It is thought that a group of workmen were in the closed pub during the renovations, when they heard a woman crying. They found her, with her head in hands, only for her to lift her head up, showing off a white face and eyeless sockets, before letting out a blood-curdling scream. They left the building as quickly as they could. If that wasn’t enough, one of the men found out a few hours later that a close family member had died. 

The Mitre 

The poltergeist that calls the Royal Mile pub The Mitre its home is famous for having a certain taste of music on the jukebox. The spirit is of a 17th century archbishop who lived in the pub some time ago, but still refuses to leave in these modern times. Not only will he turn the jukebox off if he doesn’t like the music, but there has also been an incident where an electrician suffered an electric shock from an appliance despite the entire power to the building being turned off. 

The Last Drop

The name of this particular pub has a rather dark background. It references the fact that not far from its doors was the last ever hanging on the Grassmarket. There were hundreds of criminals who were executed not far from this pub, however, none of them are the spirits that call it their home. In fact, the resident ghost of the pub is actually a little girl who was believed to live above. Over time things have fallen from shelves and people have reported hearing their name being whispered when they are completely alone. 

There are so many reasons to visit Edinburgh of course, but we think that heading to some of the haunted pubs, has to be up there as a great idea.

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