Haunted pubs in York

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Fans of cultural hotspots and historical cities will know that York is definitely a place to go for a break. There are so many amazing places to visit and spend time in, and so much to see and do, that it is the ideal tourist destination. 

Aside from all the history that York has to offer; another reason that many people travel to York is because of the spooky stories that surround the city. Want to know more about the best places to ghost hunt in York? Here are some of the haunted pubs that you can visit.

The Golden Fleece

Thought to be one of the most haunted pubs in the whole of York, let alone one of the most haunted spots full stop, The Golden Fleece has seen a number of weird things happen over the years. Keys rattling, ice cold hands on your back and a whole lot of footsteps. It is enough to make any bar manager call last orders on working there! 

Ye Old Starre Inne

Another pub that has a bit of a spooky history is Ye Old Starre Inne. An old coaching inn, the history of this particular building goes back to around 1644, although, people do say that the cellars beneath are even older than that. Unsurprisingly, it seems that the cellars are the main focus of anything happening there, with some people even reporting to hear screams. This may be linked to the fact that the cellars were used as a makeshift hospital for injured soldiers during the English Civial War. 

The Black Swan Hotel

Whilst not strictly a pub, the Black Swan Hotel has a bar and you can buy drinks there, which means that it is on our list. The hotel (as it is now but has not always been) is sitatued across three different buildings. One of these buildings, an Elizabethan House, is where most of the hauntings happen including a pair of legs that has no body attached being seen wandering around and a young blonde woman roaming the rooms too. 

The Snickleway Inn

Another hugely old pub, some parts of this particular pub date back to the 15th century. It is thought that, despite its name, The Snickleway wasn’t always an Inn and in fact, during its time was often used as a brothel. There are a variety of guests that now call this particular spot their home, however, one of the most seen has to be Mrs Tulliver and her cat Seamus. Not only has Mrs Tulliver been seen wandering around, but, many customers have also said that they can feel Seamus the cat rubbing against their legs whilst they are sat having a drink. 

There are so many amazing spots to enjoy a drink in York (or to stop off and see some ghosts if you like) that you could actually plan a ghost tour around the city. Perhaps indulging yourself in a little drink as you try and see if you can spot a ghost or two!

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