4 Haunted London Locations
Haunted London  Here is our latest list of four haunted London locations where ghosts are reported to roam. With spooky tales attached to each venue it is a wonder why people still visit each place 50.Berkeley Square At the top of our list is the infamous haunting of 50. Berkeley Square in Mayfair. The attic of this house is noted for being haunted by the spirit of a woman, who killed herself after suffering abuse at the hands of her Uncle. Her spirit is said to take...
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Cold Christmas Church
                                                                                    Nearly departed, today I will be talking about the Cold Christmas Church giving insight into the building’s history and the paranormal activity that surrounds the building. The building itself is no...
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A Spooky Twist on World Pasta Day
In celebration of World Pasta Day, and in typical Ghost Bus Tours style, we are delving a little deeper in the spooky goings on in some of the UK’s best restaurants. Prezzo Italian Restaurant Chain We all love the Prezzo Italian chain, in fact we have a Prezzo right outside the Ghost Bus Tours HQ! Prezzo customers and employees in Cambridgeshire may not be so enthusiastic though. It is reported that a phantom woman haunts the Italian chain restaurant in Peterborough, wearing Victoria clothing and manifesting when the restaurant is...
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Halloween Month Celebrations!
It’s that time of year again – when the ghouls and ghosts come out to play, and the pumpkin farmers earn their entire year’s worth of profit. It’s … Halloween! But what is Halloween? Well, we here at The Ghost Bus Tours are happy to enlighten you. Of course, at Ghost Bus HQ every day is packed full of ghosts, spooks and spectres (not to mention blood, death and horror!) but this time of year is extra special. The origin of Halloween dates to a Celtic harvest festival known as Samhain (pronounced...
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The Ghost Bus Tours Ltd in association with Scooby-Doo Live! bring you an exciting competition!
The Ghost Bus Tours Ltd in association with Scooby-Doo Live! bring you an exciting competition! Win tickets for The London Ghost Bus Tours and see Scooby-Doo Live! at the London Palladium in a brand new musical adventure this August. In this brand new family musical SCOOBY-DOO and the MYSTERY INC. gang have been called to London to help solve an epic mystery. A trouble-making ghost is haunting the London Palladium and SHAGGY, FRED, DAPHNE, VELMA and SCOOBY-DOO are on their way, and bringing the MYSTERY MACHINE to crack this spooky and theatrical...
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