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If you crave the VIP experience when organising your next event, book a private hire and have the bus entirely to yourself or your party.

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We take pride in our capability to create unique experiences. Whether you are organising a night out, wish to be ferried between venues via our Routemaster tour bus or wish to bring additional features of your own to the bus, we can offer all of these options at a very competitive price.


Our classic 1960’s Routemaster buses are a beautiful legacy of London’s transport heritage. We have fitted all of our fleet with state of the art audio and video equipment which can be utilised to their full potential should you require their use in your private hire! The lavish interior has been adorned with antique lamp shades and plush red velvet curtains. We have entertained entertainers as diverse as: Johnny Depp, The Prodigy, Whoopi Goldberg, Amanda Holden and Little Mix over the years.

We would be more than happy to accommodate even the wildest requests, but be warned, we are often so popular that you would be doing yourself a service to get in touch as early as possible, availability is scarce!

If you are interested in an exclusive VIP private hire, call us now on 020 7240 2733 or alternatively visit our contact page here.

See our bus in action with The Prodigy, No Tourists

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