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Spooky fun with Daggers Productions!
Posted by: 22/03/2018

Here at The Ghost Bus Tours, we love all things spooky, scary and perhaps a little bit mad. You should see our office workers! That’s why when we heard about a new theatre production company that had opened up in South West London with the aim to provide horror plays to the masses we just couldn’t resist finding out more. It is now, with plenty of snooping behind us, that we reveal our opinion on this up and coming production company


Daggers Productions!

The story behind the creation of Daggers Productions is that of a wild idea born out of a creative friendship between Leanne Stephens and Paul Dagley. These are the co-creators of the theatre company and are anything but amateurs when it comes to the world of onstage entertainment. In Paul’s case, his love of the theatre began at a very young age with his education eventually taking place at The BRIT school, a renowned training academy for theatre and musical performance. With Leanne, there is simply a passion burning deep to provide the best horror plays to the public, and while she may not have any formal theatrical training, she certainly has an eye for detail. This makes her a perfect candidate for this London theatre production company. As an accomplished London property market worker, she decided along with Paul to take the grand gesture of turning from audience member to co-founder of our new favourite theatre company.



Now as you can see, neither one of the directors are underqualified, and while they might be currently unheard of in the screenplay industry, they are certainly on their way to breaking the barrier between small-scale plays too big screen productions. As we are ourselves, lovers of all things gory, we wanted to be a part of this journey and are subsequently now campaigning for everyone to experience the wonders that can be experienced with the plays produced by Daggers and Co.


So what are you waiting for? Grab a ticket and head on down to spooky London theatre production today for the horror experience of a lifetime! But be wary….you are expected to jump!


You have been warned…


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