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A Spooky Twist on World Pasta Day
Posted by: 25/10/2016

In celebration of World Pasta Day, and in typical Ghost Bus Tours style, we are delving a little deeper in the spooky goings on in some of the UK’s best restaurants.

Prezzo Italian Restaurant Chain

We all love the Prezzo Italian chain, in fact we have a Prezzo right outside the Ghost Bus Tours HQ! Prezzo customers and employees in Cambridgeshire may not be so enthusiastic though. It is reported that a phantom woman haunts the Italian chain restaurant in Peterborough, wearing Victoria clothing and manifesting when the restaurant is quiet. What’s freakier, is that this Victorian lady is not the only ghostly sighting. There are further reports of a ghostly male figure too. Maybe avoid this specific restaurant if you are keen on celebrating World Pasta Day this year!

The Four Seasons, Hampshire

Four Seasons, Hampshire - Haunted by a 'Grey Lady' Four Seasons, Hampshire – Haunted by a ‘Grey Lady’

The Four Seasons restaurant in Hampshire is home to the ghost of an old woman, known as the ‘grey woman’ on account of the grey clothing she wears. It is said that the old lady rocks gently in a specific chair in the restaurant. Several reports from former staff of strange apparitions makes this one hard to ignore. One former employee attempted to approach the ‘grey lady’ only for her to vanish when he got close. Spooky!


OK, so this restaurant isn’t quite in the same category as Prezzo and the Four Seasons, but hey, it’s still a restaurant and the Ghost Bus Tours team are rather partial to the old junk food binge! MacDonald’s in SE9 (Greater London area), has reported several odd occurrences since 2000. The fast food restaurant is built on the site of an old United reformed church, whereby the restaurant’s basement has become a hub of paranormal activity. Staff have reported encountering an ‘entity’ in the basement but cannot describe exactly what it is. 

The Viaduct Tavern (around the corner from the Ghost Bus Tours HQ!)

The Viaduct Tavern

The Viaduct Tavern

Another haunted eatery just minutes from The Ghost Bus Tours HQ (I see a pattern here!) is that of the Viaduct Tavern in Holborn, London. The pub, built in 1875 is built on the foundations of an old prison, with the old cells now used as the pub’s cellar. Staff reported paranormal activity when venturing into the cellar late at night in the form of lights going off, doors locking and strange noises. One manager actually became trapped in the cellar after the door slammed shut on him and the lights went out. After calling for help, he was eventually rescued by his wife who reported that the door was not locked and easy to open from the other side.

The Ghost Bus Tours HQ appears to be conveniently located when it comes to all things spooky and unexplained.

If you have not yet experienced one of our famous ghostly tours around London, Edinburgh or York, then don’t miss out this Halloween – it’s sure to be the best year yet! Fancy a ride on the dark side with us? Call up the Ghost Bus Tours friendly booking team on 08445678666 or Book Now

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