The 5 most haunted places in London

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London is an amazing city. It is packed full of culture and history and whilst this makes it fascinating. It also means that there is plenty of spooky spots and tales that you can learn about the city. To help to show you the darker side of London, we have put together our guide to 5 of the most haunted places to visit. 

The Flask in Highgate

Having been around since 1663, it is probably not hugely surprising to learn that The Flask, has an incredibly dark and interesting past. Many late-night visitors have said that they have seen the ghost of a man in a Cavalier uniform along with an old barmaid, who is said to have hung herself in the basement of the pub. It is said that the pub has sudden temperature drops and swaying lights too. 

Greenwich Foot Tunnel

Opened during1902, this tunnel runs underneath the river and is a connection between Greenwich and the Isle of Dogs. The tunnel in itself is damp and narrow, which will already leave you feeling uneasy, however, with the ghosts of Victorian people also thought to be walking through, then things are going to get even creepier. 

Liverpool Street Station

It is hard to believe that a train station could ever be seen as a spooky place to be; especially when it is busy and packed full of people. But, a trip on a late night tube or train can show you just how scary these places can be. When you add into this that it is thought that Liverpool Street Station is built above a suspected plague victim put, then you can see how it could very easily be haunted. 

Room 333 at the Langham Hotel, Marylebone

Rather than being an entire house or building being haunted, we next have Room 333 at the Langham Hotel, Marylebone. The entire floor is thought to be a little on the spooky side, but in particular this applies to room 333. Over the years, several ghosts have reported to be spotted in this room and this means that it has become a go to overnight stay for ghost hunters and paranormal thrill seekers alike. 

Theatre Royal, Drury Lane

The smell of lavender is often thought to be a calming and soothing aroma; however, it isn’t quite the smell that you want to breathe in if you are watching a show at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane. Lavender has been connected to several of the ghosts that are known to those who frequent this particular theatre and many ghosts have been spotted by visitors, actors, directors and stage staff within the theatre too. 

If you want to take in some of the most amazing spots that the city has to offer and learn a ghost story or two, then book in for one of our ghost bus tours. The perfect combination of spookiness and sightseeing too. 

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