Things To Do In York

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York is fast becoming a hot tourist destination in the UK. With plenty of green areas as well as a large city to explore there is really something for everyone to do. But we don’t want you having to trawl large numbers of sites for ideas so instead we have compiled the top 5 things to do in York here on our website. We did the research so you don’t have to and there is no better reason to keep reading this article.

York’s Chocolate Story

If you have a sweet tooth and want to investigate this habit further then there is no better place that the York Chocolate Story for you to explore. Here you can learn the history of chocolate in York via interactive screen and a walkthrough exhibition. There is really nothing better for the chocolate lover to experience!

National Railway Museum

As the biggest locomotive museum in the world it is no wonder that this attractions is one of York’s pride and joy. Offering over 100 well preserved and restored locomotives, this hub of railway memorabilia will really get you going (if this is what you are interested in).

Blue Bell Pub

Standing at 200 years old this little English pub is a proper reminder of the good old days of Great Britain. Imagine as you sit inside the thousands that would’ve sat in your same spot before and what they would’ve drunk whilst sitting there. There is so much history in York and this little public house is a snippet of old life in this fast growing city.

Guy Fawkes Inn

This is where the infamous traitor who plotted to blow up the Houses of Parliament was born in 1570. Another bitesize section of English heritage, you can really acquire a sense of history here and will most certainly feel chills in your spine when it clicks that you are sitting somewhere where history was made.

York City Art Gallery

After undergoing a major refurbishment in 2015 this gallery is back and is bigger than ever. It now offers a variety of works and will really challenge sites such as The Tate Modern for their reputation. Well worth a visit for any art loving tourists to the capital of the North.

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